The 3 Decisions You Make Every Day—and How to Improve Them


So I’ve been listening to the great granddaddy of motivation, Tony Robbins (his Inner Strength program). He really is the master. And he said something on the CD that, in and of itself, can change our lives if we let it.

He says there are three decisions you’re making every moment of your life:

  1. What are you going to focus on? You may think you’re not making that decision, because the decisions seem to be made for you (i.e., whatever lands on your lap), but remember that not choosing is in itself a choice. Make the decision to choose where that focus goes—because “wherever focus goes, energy flows,” he says.
  2. What does this mean? Meaning is powerful—and determines how we interpret what’s happening to and around us. And though he doesn’t use this terminology, what he’s talking about has a lot to do with what meQ calls your thinking style. If something lousy happens, is it because you’re being punished? Is it because bad luck follows you around? We can change how we interpret events and circumstance—but it has to be a choice we make. And what it comes down to, he says, are the emotions you feel—if you regularly feel angry, guilty, or stressed, then you can imagine you’re going to read the world that way, too.
  3. What am I going to do? Your emotions influence your actions—which is why paying special attention to your emotions is key. Obviously you’ll act differently when you’re feeling angry than when you’re feeling grateful, or curious, or playful. How we interpret what’s happening around us will determine what it means and thus how we react. Your emotional response and ensuing actions are very much in your control. This is how you can shape—and reshape—your life from one moment to the next.

Terri Trespicio is a writer, expert, speaker, and coach. Visit her at