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Webinar: Cultivating Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty

Today’s world is full of uncertainty. Industries face disruption, the pace of technology is accelerating, national and global events dominate the news cycle, and at the same time employees are coping with everyday pressures. How can you cultivate resilience in your workforce and set your employees up for success? Watch our webinar to learn how.

Webinar: The Truth About Employee Financial Wellbeing

Financial situations of employees are dire. According to the American Psychological Association, 3/4 of Americans experience financial stress and this stress is pervasive throughout all income levels.

Why do financial issues have such a powerful impact on our lives and wellbeing? Don’t miss our webinar where you can learn:

• What underlies common fears, anxieties and behaviors around finances
• Why offering traditional financial tools are only half the battle
• How employees can transform their thinking and their relationship with money

Mindfulness as a Tool to Engage Your Workforce

Today’s fast-paced, constantly changing world is forcing employees to multitask and juggle competing demands. How can you help your workforce focus, engage, and thrive through the distraction.

Mindfulness, which is core to resilience training, is the act of cultivating awareness and has been scientifically proven to reduce and boost wellbeing.  Watch our 45 minute expert webinar to learn:

• How mindfulness helps employees sharpen focus and improve performance
• How to incorporate mindfulness into your organization
• What exciting new mindfulness features meQuilibrium has launched

Dire Straits: The State of Employee Financial Wellbeing

Financial stress impacts us like few other stressors do—our worries about money affect our basic feeling of security and wellbeing. And despite the variety of money management tools available, the actual financial situations of employees are dire.

To learn why financial issues have such a powerful impact on our lives and wellbeing, watch our 40 minute webinar with renowned psychologist and meQuilibrium Chief Science Officer, Dr. Andrew Shatté.

How Resilience Impacts Your Human Capital Agenda

Tips for Staying Resilient meQuilibrium Users Weigh InResilience is rapidly gaining a foothold in corporate health and wellness environments. Yet, many people do not understand precisely how it applies in the context of workforce health and performance, why they should invest in it, and what outcomes can be expected.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:
• What resilience is, and why it’s important
• Data that connects resilience with business metrics
• How it differs from your EAP

Employee Emotional Wellbeing: The Fundamentals for HR

fundamentalsHave you heard the buzz around emotional wellbeing in the workplace, but want to learn more about its significance and what you should be doing about it?

Join renowned psychologist, professor and meQuilibrium Chief Science Officer Andrew Shatté for a 40 minute webinar as he talks about the impact of stress on the workplace.

The Case for Resilience: Science and Outcomes

call-centerToday’s worker is stressed out and overwhelmed – and increasingly disengaged. This stress is tremendously costly from poor health and burnout, to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and employee turnover. Resilience training is scientifically proven and uniquely positioned to tackle the root cause of stress for each individual.

In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Shatté highlights some of his research and findings on the benefits of building resilience.

The Unique Challenges of Stress in Call Centers - December 2015

call-centerIt’s no secret that work in customer service call centers can be highly stressful. Helping call center employees build resilience to stress is essential to reducing burnout and lowering absence, and is the single best way to boost engagement and performance.

Join Dr. Andrew Shatté for a 30 minute webinar and learn about the ingredients of resilience that are critical to mitigate the unique stress of call centers.

Resilience and Human Capital Management

purpose-at-work-300x200What is Resilience and how can it impact your human capital management agenda? Join Jan Bruce, CEO of meQuilibrium with her guest Ted Dacko from Arbor Dakota Strategies as they discuss how resilience plays a major role in wellness, disease management and behavioral health.