The Science of meQ

The meQ Assessment is the most powerful online stress management tool you will ever find.

It all begins with the meQ Assessment. Built upon years of research and clinical validation, the meQ Assessment takes you through a series of questions designed to provide in-depth insight into your Stress Triggers, Lifestyle Habits and Thinking Styles that aggravate your stress. The questions are easy to read and understand, and you can complete it at your own pace. And it’s all confidential and secure. Your responses to the questions generate your meQ Score, which is your Balance Quotient (like an IQ score, but about your ability to balance the stuff you care about with the conflicts and demands in your life) measured on a standard scale of 0 to 100.

We then go to work building a Personalized Action Plan for you to follow so that you can strengthen your coping skills and start living with less stress.

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Once you have completed your meQ Assessment, your Personalized Action Plan is generated through a 360° evaluation of your 4 Life Dimensions.

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Your mind could be considered the driver’s seat of your stress response. Whether you realize it or not, the way you think can either escalate or reduce your stress response—and the way you feel. Certain ways of thinking, which we call “thinking traps,” can get you stuck in stressful patterns over and over, causing frustration, anxiety, pessimism, guilt, shame, worry, panic, and guilt, to name just a few.


Recalibrate those thought patterns, effectively springing you from the traps you’ve created.

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You’re not just a brain on wheels, however; you’re a whole person, and you respond to stress with every system in the body. Those signals come through loud and clear. Not only does being physically compromised leave you more vulnerable to stress, but stress can weaken all the systems of your body in a very real way.


Understand the connection between mind and body, and you can help reduce fatigue, chronic pain, abdominal distress, and sexual dysfunction, to name a few.

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This includes all the things you bump up against in a day: morning traffic, emails, your cable bill, a call from your mother, your kids’ behavior—virtually anything and everything that enters and impacts your physical or mental environment, whether it be an incident, a crisis, a physical obstacle, or a relationship. Your life is a virtual minefield of potential stressors—and each of them has the potential to trip your stress wire and cause a negative reaction.


Organize your life and relationships in a way that looks and feels manageable, comforting, even inspiring—so that every little speed bump in your day doesn’t throw you off or derail your mood.

stress connection illustration


Just as you are more than a brain or a body, you’re more than the circumstances you’re in or the people you know. Your stress levels are also very much tied to how connected to the world you feel. The people who tend to fare best under stress are those whose worlds are bigger—they reach out to their community and see themselves as part of a greater whole. They also seek out and experience meaning and purpose in their lives. Those who don’t tend to feel apathetic, lonely, disconnected, and generally at sea. The idea here is the bigger your boat, the less likely you are to capsize.


Cultivate and support a more meaningful world view—one in which you feel connected not just to the people around you but the world at large.

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We kick-start your program with a stress response make-over involving 7 fundamentals – we call this your meQ Boot Camp. It's an intense 30-day introduction that helps you ditch bad habits and begin to handle tough situations with more success, so you’ll quickly feel less stressed. In Boot Camp, you will address:

  • Thinking Styles
  • Emotional Reasoning
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Conflicts (with stuff you love)
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Focusing techniques
  • Developing a sense of purpose

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From Drags to Lifts

Once the fundamentals are in place, you are ready to unlock the meQ library of skills specifically assigned from your personal meQ Assessment. These skills are proven to transform your Drags into Lifts and improve your meQ score for a happier, healthier life.

Drags and Lifts

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