Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day


There’s something of the cynic in everyone that surfaces around Valentine’s Day. Single and coupled people alike suspect it’s a plot dreamed up by Hallmark executives to sell cards and chocolate. But the holiday is what you make it. And you don’t have to be cross-eyed in love with someone at this moment to experience and celebrate the stress-curbing power of love.

So here’s our guide to feeling, sharing, experiencing more love in your life this week.

Make someone feel loved.

You assume that the people in your life know you love, appreciate, and admire them. But do they know? By making an effort to communicate something you normally wouldn’t, you show them just how much you do.

  • Acknowledge a friend’s strengths. Express how much you appreciate something he or she does for you.
  • Call an old friend. Tell her what you’ve always loved about her, and how important she has been and continues to be.
  • Say those three little words. Maybe you don’t say it all the time, maybe you do. Take a moment to say it to your friend, your mother, your kid, your spouse. One thing’s for sure: “I love you” never gets old.

Show up.

When no one seems to have time, your time and presence is the most loving thing you can do. You don’t have to make a huge entrance or big plans. Keep it simple.

  • Accept an invite. Coming to a party, a performance, or by the house communicates how important that person is.
  • Surprise someone. Who haven’t you been able to make plans with or see for months? Find out when she’s around and where, and just stop by. In an age of cancel-by-text, your flesh-and-blood presence means more than you think.

Up the romance factor

If you’re in a relationship with someone, whether it’s been 20 years or 20 days, find ways to amp up the romance factor.

  • Send a flirty text. It can be as simple as, “You look great today,” but it sets the tone for your day—and your relationship.  Do some digital whispering right now.
  • Get a sitter and go out. There will always be more laundry to do. Give your relationship at least as much attention as your linens. Commit to a date, hire a sitter, and hit the town.
  • Do something different. Seeing your partner in a new environment—whether that’s rock climbing or a cooking class or traveling to a far-flung region—can help you see him or her in a new way. Novelty is a natural romance-booster.

Terri Trespicio is a media personality, lifestyle expert, and coach. Visit her at territrespicio.com.